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IoT Services

From Prototyping to Manufacturing

Analysis, design and architecture of IoT solutions

From idea to reality

We analyze the needs and evaluate all the possibilities of the project with our team of engineers with the aim of developing the best proposal based on the technical requirements and the client's premises, using our knowledge and experience.

We are specialized in making the customer's idea a reality through the formation of a multidisciplinary team in continuous contact with the customer and which allows the end-to-end solution to be developed in a minimum time, always prioritizing security and privacy.

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iot Research and development

Design and development

Our engineers, with more than 20 years of experience in electronics, mechanics, firmware and communications, optimize the final product development in time and cost, ensuring maximum quality.

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Function, Technique and Beauty

We materialize the final IoT product with an emphasis on form, function and use, with a priority focus on the user, optimizing resources and costs at all times, from the prototype to the final product.

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Minimum viable product development
iot Manufacturing

Design and Development

Customized development of cloud platforms (back-end and front-end) to monitor and manage the devices we develop. Deployment in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or the client's own servers.

We also develop custom mobile applications (native, hybrid or web app) to manage each project locally or remotely.

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Manufacturing management

We manage the whole manufacturing process: production management, manufacturing, assembly and logistics. We also manage certifications. In short, we help you with the product technical integration in the market.

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how we work in iotip

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Main Studies

Cafes Candelas bar machines sensorization
Bar machines sensorization

Prototype and industrialization of devices that allow to collect consumption data and predict their maintenance.

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Profuturo baggage tracking
Profuturo's baggage tracking

Prototypes to geolocate and control the status of suitcases with computer equipment from Profuturo's educational program.

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LaLiga marketing tool
Fly Recognition

Prototype app marketing tool for bars, with artificial vision technology in which the user can participate and get rewards.

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